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Are you ready to feel good again?

Have you ever felt invisible when consulting doctors or other health specialists? They look at you and see a quick diagnosis or, worse, they minimize your symptoms and pain. They don't see YOU - the formerly confident and accomplished person whose life changed because of an injury or illness They don't know how often you have searched for answers without success, how many treatments you have tried, and yet how motivated you still are to get better and stronger.

If that's you, read on for some good news! Hi, I'm Holly Holland, former Journalist, Author, and Mom turned Master Pilates and Yoga Teacher. I help people with all levels of conditioning move and feel better and recover from injuries and chronic illnesses through targeted exercise. I have done this for more than 12 years and currently own the largest Pilates and Yoga studio in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

You, as my client,  need to feel seen, heard, and most importantly, you need to get lasting results. That's how my unique methods were born, and that's how they grew to be so popular that I can no longer only serve people out of my studio! I created these courses to bring my breakthrough methods directly to you, no matter where you are in the world. All you'll need to get started is your computer, an Internet connection, a comfortable space to work in, and a few inexpensive props!

Sign up now and begin the journey to a body you feel good in. I want to help you get better, but you must take that first step.  I hope to see you on the inside! It's time to feel good again!

Warmly, Holly

Available Courses

5 Essential Yoga Poses to Overcome Osteoporosis

Whether you are a gym rat or a couch potato, you can learn how to counter the effects of osteoporosis with targeted exercise to help build stronger bones. In this free mini-course, I share some of the ways that my clients and I have used research-based exercise methods to strengthen our bones.

The Fabulous 5! Pilates Abominal Exercises for Osteoporosis

In this free mini-course, I share some of the ways that you can strengthen your bones through deeper core engagement using the so-called 'Series of 5' or 'Stomach 5' series of abdominal muscles from the Pilates Mat repertoire. All of the exercises have been modified to be safe for people with low bone mass. 

Bone Strong for Osteoporosis

How can you use exercise to overcome osteoporosis?

Bone Strong for Osteoporosis is your answer. It combines 3 forms of exercise, featuring 3 research-based ways to strengthen bones, and practiced 3 times a week to build better bones.  That's the 3 + 3 + 3 = Bone Strong formula. 

Build Better Balance for Osteoporosis

An online workshop with Master Teacher Holly Holland that will enable you to assess your balance and then develop an ongoing balance practice to improve strength and reduce the risk of falls. Includes 75 minutes of video instruction and a 26-page printable companion guide to use for at-home practice. 

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