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The Fabulous 5! Pilates Abominal Exercises for Osteoporosis

Strong abdominal muscles are key to healthy bones!


Because strong core muscles support and stabilize the spine and improve posture and balance to prevent falls that can lead to fractures. Learning how to strengthen your core to support your bones is a critical part of the Bone Strong for Osteoporosis program. 

No more poochy tummies!

You will discover why Pilates is known for helping people develop lean, taut stomach muscles and how you can use Pilates core exercises to develop spinal stabilization. Additionally, you will discover techniques for using your body as its own force of resistance to build better bones. 

Having a strong core is a critical part of bone-building because it helps stabilize your spine and improve posture and balance to reduce the risk of falls. Additionally, when you effectively engage your abdominal muscles during movement, you help the muscles pull on the bones to strengthen them. 

Find out how you can use the Pilates "Stomach 5" exercises to get your core strong. Click the button below and sign up!

3 Modules

Start Here

In this module, I introduce you to the concept of engaging your core the right way.

I also highlight some safety guidelines to ensure that you maintain good balance and spinal form as you get down to and up from the floor.

The Fabulous 5!

Discover why people love 'The Fabulous 5, a set of core-strengthening exercises from the Pilates mat repertoire.

The workbook will take about 10 minutes to read, and then you can practice for as long as you need to.

The video will take about 10 minutes to complete. 

Next Steps

In this module, you will:

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